Stefanos Domatiotis co-founds a coffee experience center in athens

26 Οκτωβρίου, 2020 in International

Create has opened its doors! The brand new Create space is spearheaded by Stefanos Domatiotis, World Brewers Cup Champion ’14, Gem Series Founder, Certified World Coffee Event Judge and Certified SCA Trainer (AST).

The coffee center in Athens, Greece aims to create a place of learning and coffee culture. The epic building holds meeting rooms, a showroom, 3 espresso bars, 3 brew bars, a sample roasting corner, a kitchen, and an event space. All available to the public to rent as teaching and events space.

The local community will enjoy a rotation of guest speakers and hands-on learning. The staff itself is comprised of passionate people with notable backgrounds in the coffee community; including certified barista trainers, world coffee champions, coffee business consultants, and marketing & digital experts.

Foster your barista skills, join in cupping sessions, and learn in-depth skills at Create. We congratulate the entire Create team on the wonderful launch and future endeavors.

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